The GEOHEX Erosion Control System is a unique and innovative soil stabilisation technology that is affordable, easy to use and lightning quick to install.

An environmentally friendly plastic mesh driveway mat, GEOHEX is a permeable ground stabilisation technology that has been engineered for use in a variety of applications. The GEOHEX Erosion Control System can stabilise soil and turf for the enhancement of water saving measures, but it can also be deployed to reinforce roads in and around mine and construction sites. It can be used as a soil stabilisation strategy for sandy areas such as beaches, or as a plastic mesh in public access areas with heavy foot traffic, such as parks. It can even be used to manage erosion control on golf courses.

With a load rating of 1200 tonnes per square metre, the GEOHEX Erosion Control system is a safe and cost-effective substitute for concrete or asphalt. Concrete and asphalt are both more difficult and more expensive to install (and remove) than Geohex, while also being non-porous. Given that it is highly permeable, Geohex is a much more effective solution for managing erosion control and stabilising soil than other materials such as concrete and bitumen.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO90001:2014 standards GEOHEX is made from high impact resistant 100% recycled and recyclable co-polymer polypropylene. This makes it an extremely environmentally friendly choice for both soil stabilisation and erosion control management.

As well as functioning better as an erosion control solution, Geohex’s unique design reduces maintenance and logistic costs while at the same time increasing safety and water conservation.