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Sero Stop Pro


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Sero Stop Pro wheel stops are built to last. Our unique manufacturing process ensures they are not “bendy” like competitor products, thus preventing damage from breaking at the fixing points. Designed with safety reflective yellow chevrons they can be fixed to concrete using mechanical fasteningsor for asphalt/ bitumen over base course using ourasphalt fastening spikes. Ideal for at grade carparks, multi-level carparks, shopping centres etc. where safety is a concern and to provide orderly parking.

• Manufactured from recycled plastic
• Features 8 x highly reflective Yellow chevronsfixed in place with an epoxy adhesive
• Flexible enough to contour to the ground level, unlike hard extrusion moulded Wheel Stops
• Clean Pre-drilled 14mm fixing holes for ease ofinstallation
• Comes with a three year warranty

• Easy installation of wheel stop to concrete surfaces with concrete fastenings, or 300mm Road Spikes for installation of wheel stop onasphalt/ bitumen surfaces over base-course

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 1650 × 160 × 100 cm



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