Sero Stop Tuff

Sero Stop Tuff

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Sero Stop Tuff wheel stops are built to last. Our recycled rubber wheel stops have beendesigned as an economical and durable alternative to the cumbersome concrete wheel stop variety. They comply with current Australian and NZ Safety Standards and provide exceptional value for money when compared to other wheel stop alternatives.

• Wheel Stop manufactured from 100% recycledtyre crumb rubber
• Superior construction & durability means thesewheel stops will not warp, crack, chip or rot
• Lightweight, easy to handle and can be installedby one person
• Yellow reflectors for increased visibility on bothends, plus two chevrons on either side
• Provision for advertising space/nameplate onboth sides
• Built-in stormwater channels to prevent waterpooling on outdoor surfaces
• Approximately 1/5 the weight of concrete, greatlyreducing transport and handling costs
• Resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extremeweather conditions
• Flexible, allowing for conformity to contour onvirtually any road surface
• Three-year warranty on all TUFF STOP Wheel Stops

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